Suzuki Hayabusa is officially in Turkey in its special form for the 25th anniversary


Suzuki Hayabusa 25th Anniversary Special Series is in Turkey! Here is the Price and Features

Suzuki's legendary motorcycle, Hayabusa, celebrates its 25th anniversary. The limited edition GSX1300R Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model produced for this special year is also on sale in Turkey. Hayabusa 25th Year, which attracts attention with its futuristic design, exciting performance and original details, has a price tag of 899.900 TL.

Hayabusa 25th Anniversary, Dazzling with Orange and Black Colors

Hayabusa presents itself to motorcycle lovers in Turkey with the GSX25R Hayabusa 1300th Anniversary model, specially produced to celebrate its 25th anniversary. This special model attracts attention with its orange and black body structure on the fairings. It also makes a difference with its features such as the drive chain adjuster and special color for the front brake disc.

Hayabusa 25th Anniversary Decorated with Special Logos and Stickers

Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model emphasizes its originality not only with its colors but also with its logos and stickers. This model features original engravings with the ÔÇťHayabusa KanjiÔÇŁ logo on the muffler body and drive chain with the 25th anniversary logo. In addition, gold anodized on the inner brake disc, anodized gold chain adjustment, enameled glass 25th anniversary logo on the tank, special ÔÇťVÔÇŁ shaped sticker and three-dimensional ÔÇťSUZUKIÔÇŁ lettering were also added to this special model. In addition, the Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model hits the road with a single-seat version as standard.

Hayabusa 25th Year, Impresses Its Drivers with Its Current Technology and Performance

While the Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model displays a unique character in appearance, it also technically bears the features of the most up-to-date Hayabusa. Powered by a 1340 cc 4-cylinder engine, Hayabusa makes its driver feel its power with its chassis design and exhaust sound. The highest level of sports motorcycle experience continues to come to life in Hayabusa, with its adjustable suspensions and technological features such as Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (SIRS).

Hayabusa 25th Year, Sold in 48 Countries and Regions Worldwide

Suzuki Hayabusa has surpassed the production figure of 25 units after its 200.000-year legendary history. Hayabusa is sold in 48 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, Europe, India and Latin America. The Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model has collectible value because it is produced in limited numbers. The price of the Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model, which is also offered for sale in Turkey, is determined as 899.900 TL. Those who want to own the Hayabusa 25th Anniversary model need to hurry.