Who is Survivor Sabriye, where is she from and how old is she? Sabriye Şengül career


Who is Sabriye Şengül? Athlete, Survivor and Aesthetic Change Story

Sabriye Şengül is a national athlete who left her mark in the encouraging world of sports, a Survivor contestant, and a name on the agenda with her story of aesthetic change. Born in Trabzon's Şalpazarı district, Şengül is known for his achievements in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. However, not only with its sports identity, but also with its zamShe also attracts attention with the plastic surgeries she has undergone and the physical changes she has experienced. Here is the life of Sabriye Şengül, who tells the story behind her strong athlete spirit and aesthetic change…

Sabriye Şengül's Sports Career and Achievements

Sabriye Şengül was introduced to sports by playing handball and later turned to boxing. Şengül, who made a name for herself with her successes such as Turkish championships, international boxing championships and K1 World Mixed championships, also achieved the title of world champion in 2016. In addition to his successes in kickboxing, he also competed in Survivor competitions held on TV2017 channel in 2019 and 8.

Şengül continued his career with mixed martial arts and had his first match in this discipline in 2019. Despite the defeat in his first match, he attracted attention with his professional victory in 2021. However, he had a tough fight, losing in the match he participated in Thailand in 2023.

Sabriye Şengül's Aesthetic Change and Social Reactions

Sabriye Şengül, not only with her sports career, but also zamIt also attracts attention with its physical transformation. Şengül, who made a name for herself with her appearance that was reshaped with the weight she lost and aesthetic interventions, also opened up her perspective on aesthetic interventions to discussion in society.

Şengül said that she wanted to highlight her female identity as well as her athlete identity and that she felt better with plastic surgery. However, he was criticized by some circles for losing his naturalness through plastic surgery and not befitting his athlete spirit. Şengül defended herself against these criticisms and stated that plastic surgery increased her self-confidence and positively affected her sports performance.

Sabriye Şengül has become a name followed by a wide audience with her sportsmanship, courage and transformation after plastic surgery. As one of Turkey's strongest female athletes, she continues to attract attention with her achievements and original story.