Who is Sıla Doğu, where is she from and how old is she? What does Dilan Polat's sister Sıla Doğu do?

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Who is Dilan Polat's sister Sıla Doğu? What is Sıla Doğu's profession and age?

Sıla Doğu has become a name that has been frequently mentioned on social media lately. Sıla Doğu, the sister of social media phenomenon Dilan Polat, was detained together with the Polat couple. Sıla Doğu had previously come to the fore with her confession of 'I smoke cocaine' in her live broadcast on social media. So, who is Sıla Doğu? How old is Sıla Doğu, where is she from and what does she do?

Sıla Doğu's Life and Career

Sıla Doğu was born on May 6, 1996 in Adana. Sıla Doğu, a Taurus, is 1,75 meters tall and weighs 53 kilos.

Sıla Doğu works as a beautician and digital media content producer. Sıla Doğu, who has more than 2 million followers on social media, shares posts about beauty, fashion and lifestyle.

Sıla Doğu's older sister, Dilan Polat, is also a social media phenomenon. Dilan Polat married Engin Polat in 2019. Engin Polat is the founder of Thodex, Turkey's largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Why was Sıla Doğu Detained?

Sıla Doğu was detained within the scope of the investigation launched by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on April 22, 2021. The investigation was opened upon allegations that Thodex's founder Engin Polat fled abroad and defrauded thousands of people.

Engin Polat's wife Dilan Polat and his brother Kürşat Polat were also among those detained. In addition, Engin Polat's close friend Ahmet Gün was also detained.

Those detained were brought to the Vatan Campus of the Istanbul Police Department. Those whose procedures were completed here underwent a health check-up at Bayrampaşa State Hospital.

Sıla Doğu's Cocaine Confession

Sıla Doğu said "I smoke cocaine" during a live broadcast on her social media account in 2020. This confession caused great repercussions on social media.

Social media users reported Sıla Doğu's words to the police. Thereupon, police teams took action and detained Sıla Doğu.

Sila Doğu was released after being processed at the police station. However, an investigation was launched against him for the crime of 'using drugs'.