TO CIGARETTE ZAM did he come? The lowest and most expensive cigarette prices on November 2, 2023

cigarette zam

Cigarette ZamAfter Current Prices Have Been Announced

5 TL for cigarette prices zam His arrival was announced with a post on the Twitter account of Tekel Dealers Assistance Association President Erol Dündar. Dündar, “5 TL for cigarettes zam came. The new price list is below.” he said and shared a painting.

According to the table, the price of Lark, the lowest priced cigarette brand, increased from 25 TL to 30 TL. The price of Marlboro, the most expensive cigarette brand, increased from 35 TL to 40 TL.

ZamNo official statement has been made yet regarding cigarette prices. However, you can review the table shared by Tekel Dealers Assistance Association President Erol Dündar [here].

Cigarette ZamWhat is the validity date of Zamat?

Cigarette zamwhat is your zamIt is not yet clear when it will come into force. However, according to some sources, smoking zamIt was stated that it will be valid as of today.

Cigarette zamFollowing this, a decrease in cigarette sales is expected. If smokers zamComplaining about low prices.

Also in October Zam had arrived

Cigarette prices last increased in October zam had arrived. in October zam5 TL for a group of cigarettes, along with zam had arrived. To other groups too zam I was told it was on its way.

Tekel Dealers Platform President Özgür Aybaş, in October zamHe said the following regarding:

“5 lira for a group of cigarettes zam There was a transition. To other groups too zam on the way. This zamThe increase in exchange rates is shown as the reason for the decrease. However, as monopoly dealers, we zamWe are not happy with them. because this zam"They hurt both ours and our customers' pockets."