Seda Kaçan finished the TCR Italian Championship in the top 3

sedakacan tcr italy

TCR Italian Championship, which is considered the pinnacle of automobile racing in Italy, coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Republic. zamIt took place in Imola, Italy's famous Formula 28 track, on 29-1 October. Seda Kaçan, the only female pilot among 33 pilots in the race, not only became the first female pilot to represent Turkey on tracks abroad, but also finished in the top 2 in the 3 races she competed in. Seda emphasized the importance of pioneering women in the Republic of Turkey by competing with a special 100th anniversary helmet containing photographs of Republican women who achieved firsts.

Seda Kaçan continues her successful journey under the sponsorship of Turkey's popular brands Doritos, Pepsi and SIXT Rent A Car. “If you want it enough, nothing can stand in your way!” at every opportunity. Seda Kaçan, who gave her message, summarized her own story as follows:

“62 percent of young women believe there are obstacles to their dreams. The sad truth is that some of these obstacles are real, while others are established patterns. And it is up to us to break these patterns! When I talked about my dream of becoming a racing driver, everyone told me why I couldn't. "I didn't listen to anyone, I didn't give up and I gave my answer with the trophies I received on behalf of our country."

Seda Kaçan, who started sports with karting in 2021 and was invited to Bitci Racing Team AMS as a result of her successes, started racing with cars in 2022 and is proud of being the first female pilot to compete in the Turkish Track Championship after 30 years. The athlete, who made everyone feel this pride with the podium places she received, continued to compete in the Turkish Track Championship in 2023 after a successful season and managed to write her name in the history of Turkish automobile sports as the first female pilot to win a race in the Turkish Track Championship, with the races she won despite strong rivals in the Gulf and Izmir tracks.

Hibya News Agency