Ram retired the TRX model!

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Ram 1500 RHO Will Replace Ram 1500 TRX!

Ram is making a big change in its pickup options in 2025. While retiring the Ram 1500 TRX model, it is replacing it with the Ram 1500 RHO model. RHO was introduced as a new equipment level and attracted attention with its Hurricane engine producing 540 hp.

Why Is Ram 1500 TRX Being Retired?

Ram 1500 TRX was a pickup model that has been produced since 2021 and competes with the Ford Raptor. TRX, which is dominant in the market with its twin-turbo engine producing 702 hp, entered a tough competition with Ford's introduction of the 700 hp Raptor R model. To eliminate this competition, Ram introduced the last version of the TRX model as Final Edition and produced only 4,000 units. TRX Final Edition is available with a price tag of $119,620.

What Kind of Pickup Will Ram 1500 RHO Be?

Ram 1500 RHO was introduced today as a new trim level of the Ram 1500 series. RHO will be a pickup model that reaches 3.0 horsepower thanks to its 540-liter Hurricane engine. Although the RHO is a weaker vehicle compared to its predecessor, the TRX, it appears to have similar capabilities. RHO is not coming to replace TRX. Offering more power than Ram's other sporty pickups, Warlock and Rebel, this model will aim to appeal to a different market with a cheaper price tag than the farewell model.

Ram 1500 RHO What ZamWill it be available for sale?

Ram 1500 RHO will join us in the 2024rd quarter of 3, and production for the 2025 model year will begin in the 1st quarter of next year. Ram has not yet made a statement about RHO's suspension system and other details. However, the company stated that more information will be released as the model's release date approaches. Ram 1500 RHO does not sell vehicles in Turkey yet, but it may enter the Turkish market in the coming periods.