Porsche took its vehicles to the Istanbul Park track

porsche istanbul park

Porsche Enthusiasts Met in Istanbul Park

Porsche Central and Eastern Europe Region (PCEE) held the Porsche on Track event at the Porsche Driving Center, where it organized advanced driving training for customers and press members from 26 countries. Participants had the opportunity to test different models of the Porsche brand at the Istanbul Park track.

Porsche Driving Center Hosted More than 1000 Porsche Enthusiasts

Porsche Driving Center, which was implemented with the cooperation between PCEE and Intercity Istanbul Park in 2015, hosted more than 1000 Porsche enthusiasts from home and abroad throughout the year. Porsche Driving Center offered participants the opportunity to experience the DNA and driving performance of the Porsche brand.

At the Porsche on Track event, participants experienced the driving dynamics and driving technologies of different models of the brand on the track, slalom, launch control and off-road stages. At the event, Porsche's successful luxury SUV model, the new Cayenne, was also introduced.

New Cayenne Reflects Porsche DNA

Porsche has completely updated the new Cayenne with one of the most comprehensive improvements in the brand's history. The new Cayenne was unveiled with its new digitalized interior design, new chassis technology and innovative high-tech features.

The new Cayenne is equipped with features such as high-resolution HD Matrix LED Headlights that provide road lighting that can be adapted to every driving condition, an air quality system that cleans and filters the air in the interior, and an infotainment screen for the front passenger, which is offered for the first time in the Cayenne. With its comprehensively revised design and more powerful engine range, Cayenne continues to claim to be the sportiest SUV in its class.