PNY introduced its new motorcycle with cargo compartment: Ponie 2


PNY Ponie 2: The motorcycle that revolutionized urban cargo transportation

Electric cargo bikes and scooters have become a popular option for urban cargo transportation in recent years. However, these vehicles may sometimes not have sufficient capacity. This is where a company called PNY comes into play. PNY introduced its new motorcycle, Ponie 2, with a cargo compartment. Ponie 2 offers a cargo transportation solution that is both environmentally friendly and economical.

Ponie 2 can carry the load of three scooters on its own

Ponie 2, developed by PNY, uses its entire body as cargo area, unlike classic courier motorcycles. In this way, it can carry a load weighing 120 kg and a volume of 400 liters. That's the equivalent of two transport boxes on courier motorcycles. Ponie 2 can thus carry the load of three scooters at a time.

Ponie 2 does not compromise on performance

Ponie 2 is not a motorcycle designed only for carrying cargo. Same zamCurrently a high performance vehicle. The motorcycle can reach a speed of 100 km/h and has a range of 6.7 km with its 150 kWh battery. A 4 kW hub motor located on the rear wheel of the motorcycle provides power. Ponie 2 also has features such as ABS brakes, CarPlay support, 7-inch color screen and a glove compartment with USB port.

Ponie 2 will be on the roads in 2024

PNY thinks that Ponie 2 will fill a big gap in urban cargo transportation. The company's CEO, Netzah Sadeh, says Ponie 2 is ideal for situations where electric bikes or scooters are not enough, but delivery minivans are too much. Ponie 2, which can carry as much cargo as the trunk of a small car, promises to deliver a large number of cargoes quickly without getting stuck in traffic in the city. PNY states that Ponie 2 is in production and deliveries will begin in the second half of 2024. The company is also testing the Ponie 2, a three-wheeled version of the Ponie 3.