Peugeot CEO: “We respect Chinese manufacturers”


Respectful Message from Peugeot CEO to Chinese Competitors

Peugeot CEO Linda Jackson talked about the successful performance of the brand, its electric vehicle strategy and her perspective on Chinese automobile manufacturers at the press conference held in Turkey. Jackson said Chinese rivals should be taken seriously, but they are confident.

Peugeot Maintains Its Leadership in the Turkish Market

Jackson expressed his satisfaction with the results achieved by Peugeot in the Turkish automotive market. Jackson said, “When I arrived a year ago, I gave our team in Turkey very ambitious goals. I am pleased to see that these ambitious targets have been achieved. Again, with great pleasure, we set our 2024 targets. As of the end of October, more than 64 thousand units were sold. We achieved a growth of 180 percent compared to last year. Our market share was 6,7 percent. These results placed us 5th in the market. “This is truly a remarkable achievement.” said.

Jackson stated that Peugeot is the market leader in the SUV segment and ranks third in light commercial vehicles. Jackson said that the Peugeot 408 model is one of the best-selling models in Turkey, ranks first in Europe and second in the world. Jackson said, “Türkiye really sets the standards in this sense. Other markets are following.” said.

Jackson stated that the customer satisfaction index exceeded its target with 97,2 percent, and that online sales started with the Peugeot 408 and will soon expand to include electric vehicles.

Peugeot is Switching to Electric Vehicles

Jackson also explained Peugeot's strategy for switching to electric vehicles. Jackson said, “As Peugeot, we aim to offer electric versions of all our models by 2023. This year, we launched the electric versions of the Peugeot 208 and 2008 models. Next year, we will offer electric versions of the Peugeot 308 and 3008 models. As we transition to electric vehicles, we preserve the Peugeot DNA. “Our electric vehicles also carry Peugeot's features such as design, comfort and driving pleasure.” said.

Jackson said that he thinks that electric vehicles will also attract attention in the Turkish market and that sales will increase with the development of infrastructure and incentives. Jackson said, “We see that there is demand for electric vehicles in Turkey. Turkey is a market ready to transition to electric vehicles. With the development of infrastructure and incentives, the market share of electric vehicles will also increase. “As Peugeot, we will continue to offer our electric vehicles to the Turkish market.” said.

Peugeot Respects Its Chinese Competitors

Jackson also made evaluations about Chinese automobile manufacturers entering the European market. Jackson said he respects his Chinese rivals, but they are confident. “I have a lot of respect for Chinese automakers,” Jackson said. I saw their products, used them and liked them very much. They have very good and enjoyable vehicles. long in this industry zamI am here now, you know. Zamwe instantly said, 'Oh no, the Japanese are coming', then 'Oh no, the Koreans are coming'. Now the Chinese are next. Many European manufacturers took advantage of this situation. There may have been mergers in some brands, but most of them continue their operations in a healthy way. I think there's still room for these new brands. Yes, they are rivals that should be taken very seriously. Like all competitors. As a result, there may be some mergers and changes in the market. To survive in this environment, you don't just have to be cheap, you need to have a very strong brand. Just being a brand is not enough; you need to think as a whole with what you offer and the experiences you provide. This is actually what we have been doing, especially in the last 18 months. We are strengthening our brand by simplifying and defining our scope with sharp lines. Are Chinese manufacturers keeping us up at night? No. But do I respect them? Yes of course. They bring about positive change for us that we want to be a part of. “We trust ourselves in this sense.” he said.