Special November deals from Opel! Here are discounts up to 300 thousand TL!

Advantageous Credit Options from Opel in June

Opel Offers Unmissable Opportunities to Its Customers in November!

Combining the quality and reliability of German engineering with modern and stylish designs, Opel makes its customers happy with attractive purchasing conditions for its passenger car and light commercial vehicle models in November. Opel offers discounts of up to 300 thousand TL, loan opportunities with 12 months maturity and 0,99% interest, exchange support and special advantages for online sales on the new Opel Corsa, Opel Astra, Opel Crossland, Opel Mokka, Opel Grandland and Opel Corsa Electric models. offers its customers the opportunity to own the vehicle of their dreams.

New Opel Corsa: Loan Opportunity for 200 Thousand TL with 12 Months Maturity and 0,99% Interest

The new Opel Corsa, one of Opel's best-selling and most popular models, offers attractive deals to its customers in November. New Opel Corsa for 200 thousand TL; It attracts attention with its 12-month maturity and 0,99% interest loan opportunity. The new Opel Corsa offers an ideal driving experience both in and outside the city with its dynamic design, efficient engine options, advanced safety and driving support systems, comfortable interior and large luggage volume. The new Opel Corsa is offered for sale with prices starting from 1.2 TL with its 75 1.099.900 HP manual transmission version.

Opel Astra: Discounts up to 300 Thousand TL, 12 Month Maturity and 0,99% Interest Loan Opportunities

Opel Astra, which carries Opel's bold and simple design elements, offers unmissable opportunities to its customers in November. Opel Astra, in Editon equipment with manual transmission, for 200 thousand TL; Loan with 12 months maturity and 0,99% interest, for 250 thousand TL in the Edition equipped version with automatic transmission; Loan with 12 months maturity and 0,99% interest, for 300 thousand TL in Elegance and GS equipment; It is waiting for its new owners with prices starting from 12 TL, with a 0,99-month maturity and 1.239.900% interest loan opportunity. Opel Astra offers a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience with its efficient engine options, advanced multimedia system, ergonomic seats, spacious interior and luggage volume.