Is Omegle closed? Why did Omegle close down?

Is omegle closed?

Why was Omegle closed? Pedophilia allegations put an end to Omegle

Omegle was a website that offered the opportunity to video or text chat with random people. Founded in 2009, the site decided to close after 14 years. The reason for shutting down the site was accusations of pedophilia.

Omegle gave its users the opportunity to socialize online for free and anonymously. The person who entered the site could chat with a random matched person via the camera or keyboard. The site attracted the attention of many people with this feature.

But Omegle is the same zamIt had now become a haven for sexual predators. Since the site did not ask for information such as membership, name, age, and region, pedophiles who hid their identities were able to contact and harass minors through the site.

Omegle founder Leif Brooks said running the site was no longer financially or psychologically sustainable. Brooks stated that a lawsuit filed in the USA was behind the decision to close the site. In the case, a young person who accused Omegle's platform of matching him with a random pedophile filed a lawsuit against the site 10 years later. The victim was a minor when the incident occurred.

Omegle's lawyers argued that they were not responsible for what happened and that they were monitoring the site. However, according to the BBC, Omegle's name is mentioned in more than 50 lawsuits filed against pedophiles.

Omegle ended its 14-year adventure. The site said goodbye to both its users and the internet world.