The design of Nissan's new Juke model has been revealed!

nissan new juke

Nissan Juke Goes Electric! Here is the New Design and Features!

Nissan is preparing to introduce the new generation of Juke, one of the popular models of the crossover segment. The new Juke, expected to be released in 2025 or 2026, will be a fully electric vehicle and will undergo a radical design change. The Auto Express website has published the first images of what the new Juke will look like.

Why Is Nissan Juke Going Electric?

Nissan plans to say goodbye to internal combustion engines in the European market by 2030. In this direction, it aims to develop 19 new electric models. One of these models will be Juke. Juke will join Nissan's electric crossover family and compete with models such as Leaf, Ariya and Qashqai.

What Design Will Nissan Juke Have?

Nissan will design the new Juke inspired by the Hyper Punk concept car. This means that the vehicle will have a bolder, striking and modern appearance. The new Juke will have sharper lines, a larger grille, slimmer headlights and a wider trunk lid than the current model. Additionally, the vehicle's color options will be more vibrant and diverse.

Which Platform and Engine Will Nissan Juke Use?

The new Juke will be built on the CMF-BEV platform, like the Micra and Renault 5 hatchback models. This platform offers a structure optimized for electric vehicles. The new Juke's dimensions will remain similar to the current model, meaning it will be around 4.2 meters long. However, it is stated that the interior will be larger and more spacious thanks to the new electric powertrain system.

The engine of the new Juke will be the same as the electric version of Renault 5. This engine will have 136 horsepower and will be paired with batteries with a capacity of 40 or 52 kWh. In this way, the range of the vehicle will be up to 400 km. Nissan may also offer a dual-motor version for the new Juke. This version can provide more power and all-wheel drive capability.