What is MSÜ 2024? zammoment, on what date? Has MSÜ 2024 date been announced?


MSÜ 2024 Exam Date Announced: Application Process, Exam Results and Other Details

Candidates who want to take the National Defense University (MSÜ) exam are curious about the 2024 exam calendar published by ÖSYM. MSU exam is held to recruit students to faculties and colleges that train officers and non-commissioned officers within the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) and Gendarmerie General Command (JGK). So, what is the MSÜ 2024 exam? zammoment, on what date? How to apply to MSU? What are the MSU exam results? zammoment will be announced? Here is all the information about the MSÜ 2024 exam.

What is MSÜ 2024 Exam? ZamDo the moment?

According to ÖSYM's 2024 exam calendar, MSÜ 2024 exam March 3, 2024 It will be held on. The exam will be administered in two sessions, morning and afternoon. The morning session will start at 10.15, and the afternoon session will start at 14.45. The exam duration will be 135 minutes for each session.

How to Apply for MSÜ 2024 Exam?

Candidates who want to apply for MSÜ 2024 exam, January 3 - 30, 2024 They will be able to apply through ÖSYM [Candidate Transactions System] between . For the application process, candidates will need to pay the exam fee by credit card/debit card to one of the banks determined by ÖSYM or from the "Payments" section on the ÖSYM website. If the application date is late February 7 2024 as.

What are MSÜ 2024 Exam Results? ZamAnnounced at the moment?

MSÜ 2024 exam results, March 28, 2024 It will be accessible on ÖSYM's [results page] on . Candidates will be able to learn their exam results by logging into the system with their TR ID numbers and passwords. According to the exam results, placement at MSU will be carried out by the Ministry of National Defense. Placement results will be announced on MSÜ's [official website].