Mini thinks “fun” models will survive in the EV era


Mini Promises “Fun” in Electric Vehicles Too

Mini announced that it will continue its performance-oriented models, called John Cooper Works (JCW), in the electric vehicle era. Brand officials said that electric JCW models will also provide Mini's characteristic go-kart feeling.

JCW Will Continue as Mini's Sub-Brand

JCW appeared as a dealer option for the Mini Cooper in 2002. This package added a new exhaust system, ECU calibration and some performance parts to the vehicle. In recent years, JCW, like BMW M, has become a sub-brand for Mini's most powerful vehicles. While Mini is transitioning to electric vehicles, it has announced that JCW will maintain its existence.

In an interview with Mini America Vice President Mike Peyton and Global Product President Christian Wehner, it was stated that JCW will play an important role in the brand's electrification strategy.

“John Cooper Works is very valuable to our brand, of course our goal is to continue JCW in the electric age,” Wehner said. said. Peyton said, “There are projects we are working on, because the concept of a high-performance electric vehicle is very suitable for JCW.” he said.

Electric JCW Will Offer the Feel of Go-Kart

It is a matter of curiosity how the electric JCW models, with their heavy battery packs, will provide the Mini's go-kart feel. Wehner said their goal was not only to achieve the best acceleration but also to establish the best balance between power and agility.

“Every electric vehicle has good acceleration, but can they all deliver go-kart fun?,” Wehner said. Of course no. Because the weight of the vehicle, the steering feel and the feeling of being in it are also important.” said.

The arrival of electric JCW models does not mean the end of internal combustion models. Wehner: BMW Group will switch to 2030 percent electric production in 50 zamHe said that until now, 4 different gasoline engines (4 electric) will be used in JCW models.