Has the CMB approved Mia Technology's free application?

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Mia Technology Is Making a Capital Increase Without Bonus: Here are the CMB Approval and Details

Mia Teknoloji A.Ş. announced that it will make a free capital increase as one of the technology companies traded on Borsa Istanbul. The company will increase its capital by 456 million TL with the application for free capital increase approved by the Capital Markets Board (CMB). So, what is Mia Technology free capital increase? zaman, how and why will he do it? Here are all the details about the free capital increase.

How Much Is Mia Technology's Free Capital Increase and From What Source?

Mia Teknoloji A.Ş. increased its existing capital of 38 million TL with the free capital increase. 456 million TL increasing 494 million TLIt will increase to . The company reserves the entire amount to be used in the free capital increase. from internal sources will meet. The company will use the internal resources to be used in the free capital increase. retained earnings, reserve funds and emission premium He explained that it consists of items.

What is Mia Technology Free Capital Increase? Zammoment and How to do it?

Mia Teknoloji A.Ş. has not yet clarified the date of the free capital increase. The company stated that it will make an announcement on this issue in the coming days. The company carries out a free capital increase without exercising priority rights He announced that he would. As a result of the free capital increase, the company new share purchase coupon He stated that he would not distribute it.