What is the Central Population Administration System (MERNIS)? How to report address?

What is Mernis?

What is MERNIS? How to Notify Address of Vacant House?

MERNİS is one of the largest IT projects of the Republic of Turkey. MERNIS was developed to transfer population records to electronic environment and keep them in a central database. Thanks to MERNİS, citizens can easily carry out all their transactions from birth to death with their TR ID number.

MERNİS is carried out by the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs. MERNIS is a system closed to the internet and penetration tests are performed by independent companies every year. One of the most important features of MERNİS is address notification. Citizens can notify their address change from their local civil registry office or the e-Government Gateway.

What is Vacant Housing?

A vacant residence is an address where there is no person registered at the address subject to notification at the time of the transaction. No document is required for address notification of a vacant residence and the declaration of the person concerned is essential. However, if there is construction or a similar situation at the address, civil registry offices may request information and documents.

How to Notify Address of Vacant House?

There are two methods to notify the address of a vacant residence:

  • Applying to the civil registry offices: You can go to the civil registry office in your location and submit a notification of address change. Civil registry offices will carry out your transaction by examining the special situations regarding vacant residences.
  • Using e-Government Gateway: You can log in to [e-Government Gateway] and select the “Address Change Notification (For Vacant House)” service. To use this service, you must have one of the verification methods via electronic signature, mobile signature or SMS. If the e-Government Gateway detects special circumstances regarding vacant residences, it will direct you to the civil registry office.

There is no deadline for submitting an address notification to a vacant residence. However, address change notification zamDoing so immediately is important for you to benefit from many public services.