Special celebration from Mercedes-Benz Türk for the 100th anniversary of the republic

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Mercedes-Benz Travego Special for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic

Mercedes-Benz Türk held its traditional event with bus captains this year with a special theme for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. At the event held at the Grand Istanbul Bus Terminal, the Mercedes-Benz Travego bus decorated with the 'Strong with the Republic100' design attracted great attention.

Training and entertainment for bus captains

At the event, both education and entertainment opportunities were offered to bus captains. 'Driver Information Training' prepared by Mercedes-Benz Turkish Training Group gave captains tips to provide a safer and more economical driving experience. Additionally, captains had the opportunity to take part in the same photo with the Great Leader Atatürk, thanks to the artificial intelligence interface. They also took portraits drawn by cartoonists as souvenirs.

Republic enthusiasm took place

The Mercedes-Benz Travego bus, designed specifically for the 100th anniversary of the Republic, was also exhibited at the event. There were motifs symbolizing the values ​​of the Republic on the bus. Captains lined up to take photos with this special bus. There was also Republic enthusiasm at the event with the Republic Band and cake cutting.