Who is Mehmet Özat? Was contractor Mehmet Özat caught?


Fugitive Contractor of Emlakbank Houses, Mehmet Özat, was Caught in Ankara

Mehmet Özat, the contractor of Emlakbank Houses, where 1999 people lost their lives in the earthquake that occurred in Hatay in 370, was wanted for 24 years. Özat was noticed by an earthquake victim who lost his relatives in a shopping mall in Ankara today and was handed over to the police.

Who is Mehmet Özat?

Mehmet Özat was the contractor of 12 thousand houses known as Emlakbank Houses in Hatay. Özat was held responsible for the deaths of at least 1000 people in the buildings collapsed in the earthquake. Although an arrest warrant was issued for Özat, it was claimed that he fled abroad. Özat had been living as a fugitive for 24 years.

How Was Mehmet Özat Caught?

While Mehmet Özat was shopping at Bilkent AVM in Ankara today, he was recognized by an earthquake survivor named Sinem Boyacı. Boyacı lost 10 of his close relatives, including his mother, in Emlakbank Houses. Boyacı said that when Özat asked him to show his ID, Özat started shaking and tried to escape. Boyacı stopped Özat by holding his arm and called the shopping mall security and the police. Özat was detained by the police.

What will be the situation of Mehmet Özat?

Mehmet Özat was taken to the police station for questioning by the police. Özat will be referred to the court with a request for arrest due to the arrest warrant issued against him. Özat will be sent to Hatay to be tried. Özat will be tried with a request for a prison sentence of up to 15 years for "causing the death of more than one person by negligence". The earthquake victims, who were pleased with Özat's capture, stated that they wanted justice to be served and their relatives to sleep peacefully.