Mazda stopped its Türkiye operation for an indefinite period!

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Mazda Announced That It Temporarily Suspended Its Türkiye Operation!

Japanese automobile manufacturer Mazda announced that it has suspended its sales network in Turkey for an indefinite period. In the statement on Mazda Turkey's official website, it was stated that after-sales services and spare parts supply to existing Mazda customers will continue.

Why Did Mazda Stop Its Sales in Turkey?

Mazda is a less known and preferred brand in the Turkish market compared to other Japanese automobile manufacturers. Mazda's main focus is the American market. Mazda, which also competes in the European market, has difficulties in Turkey due to high taxes, exchange rate fluctuations and low sales figures.

Mazda sold around 2020 cars in Turkey in 1.500 and 2021 in 1.000. These figures show that Mazda's share in the Turkish market is below 0,1 percent. Mazda announced that it made the decision to temporarily suspend its operations in Turkey under these difficult conditions.

Will Mazda Completely Withdraw from Turkey?

In the statement on Mazda Turkey's website, it was emphasized that its operations in Turkey were temporarily suspended. This does not mean that Mazda will completely withdraw from Turkey. Mazda announced that it will continue to provide after-sales services and spare parts supply to its existing customers in Turkey. In addition, Mazda's authorized services in Turkey will continue their activities.

How does Mazda manage its operations in Turkey? zamHe did not give a clear date when it would restart. Mazda's future in the Turkish market will depend on market conditions and Mazda's global strategy. Mazda's fans in Turkey will have to wait until the day Mazda restarts its operations in Turkey if they want to buy a new Mazda model.