MASTERCHEF AWARD GAME winner has been announced! Who won the MASTERCHEF PRIZE GAME?

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Prize Game Excitement in Masterchef: Who Was the Winner?

In the last episode of Masterchef Turkey, the contestants competed fiercely for the prize game. In the award game specially prepared for Children with Leukemia Week, the contestants cooked meals for young people who fought leukemia as children and regained their health. In the Masterchef prize game, the contestants played a two-stage game. So, who won the prize game in Masterchef, what was the prize?

First Round of Masterchef Prize Game

In the episode of Masterchef Turkey broadcast on Wednesday evening, November 3, the contestants worked hard for the prize game. In the first round of the award game in Masterchef, on the occasion of Children with Leukemia Week, celebrated between 2-8 November, the contestants cooked Turkish home-cooked meals for young people who struggled with leukemia in their childhood and survived this difficult process.

In the first round of the Masterchef prize game, the contestants were divided into two teams: red and blue. Both teams competed to make the menu determined by the chefs. The menu included the following dishes:

  • Lentil soup
  • mücver
  • Rice
  • Meat leaf wrapping
  • Belly
  • Fig sleep

After preparing the dishes, the contestants presented them to the guests. The guests tasted the dishes and gave points to both teams. As a result of the scoring, the red and blue teams drew 21-21.

The chefs made the decision to determine the winner of the first round. The chefs decided that the contestants would all compete for the prize. However, they chose the two names that made the best creme caramel among the contestants. These two names became Tanya and Hasan.

Second Round of Masterchef Prize Game

In the second round of the Masterchef prize game, Tanya and Hasan competed with their creme caramel. The chefs tasted the creme caramels and decided which one was better. As a result of the chefs' decision, Hasan was the contestant who made the best creme caramel.

Hasan was entitled to receive the award by winning the Masterchef prize game. The prize was hidden in a cabinet in the Masterchef studio. When Hasan opened the cabinet, he saw what the reward was. The reward was an album with photos of all the contestants in the Masterchef studio and a letter.

In the letter, there were lines written by Emre, Hasan's childhood friend and who was fighting leukemia. Emre expressed his love and respect for Hasan in the letter and wished him to be successful in Masterchef. Emre also made a surprise for Hasan. Emre brought Hasan's mother to the Masterchef studio.

Hasan was very emotional when he saw the award. Hasan, who read the letter of his childhood friend Emre, could not control his tears. Hasan was later reunited with his mother. His mother proudly embraced Hasan. Hasan examined the photo album with his mother.

The award game in Masterchef witnessed emotional moments for both the contestants and the audience. Hasan made both himself and his friends happy by winning the prize game. Masterchef Turkey meets the audience with its new episodes every evening on TV8.