Who is Masterchef Hasan, how old is he and where is he from?

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Masterchef Hasan Biltekin: Who is he, where is he from, how old is he?

Hasan Biltekin was the winner of the prize game in the last episode of Masterchef Turkey. Hasan experienced emotional moments by reading the letter of his childhood friend Emre. Hasan's life, education, profession and performance in Masterchef became a matter of curiosity. So, who is Masterchef Hasan? Where is Hasan Biltekin from, how old is he?

Masterchef Hasan's Life

Hasan Biltekin is 29 years old and born in Nevşehir. His father's name is Mehmet and his mother's name is Ayşe. Hasan struggled with leukemia in his childhood. His biggest supporter during this process was his childhood friend Emre. Hasan overcame the disease and regained his health.