Masterchef Meat Ravioli: How to make the most delicious Meat Ravioli at home, what are the ingredients?

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Meat Ravioli Feast on MasterChef: Here are the Tips and Ingredients for Making Meat Ravioli from Fresh Pasta

Meat ravioli will be made from fresh pasta tonight in the MasterChef competition. Meat ravioli is one of the most popular flavors of Italian cuisine. Meat ravioli, with its melt-in-your-mouth consistency and delicious filling, is a dish that can be served on special occasions or invitations. So, how to make meat ravioli? What is meat ravioli? What to pay attention to when making meat ravioli? Here is the best meat ravioli recipe and tips for the contestants who will make meat ravioli in MasterChef!

What is Meat Ravioli?

Meat ravioli are small dough pillows made from fresh pasta and filled with meat filling. Meat ravioli is usually served with tomato sauce, butter or cream. Meat ravioli is made mostly in the northern regions of Italy. Meat ravioli can be served as both a main course and a hot appetizer.

How to Make Meat Ravioli?

To make meat ravioli, you must first prepare fresh pasta dough. For fresh pasta dough, 00 flour, eggs and a pinch of salt are used. Flour is spread in a circular shape on the counter and a depression is made in the middle. Break the eggs into the middle and add salt. Flour and eggs are mixed by hand to form a dough. The dough is covered with a damp cloth and rested for half an hour.

The stuffing for meat ravioli is made as follows: Chop the beef and pork into small pieces. Melt the butter in a pot and roast the meat. When the meat absorbs its water, white wine is added and cooked a little more. The meat is placed on a plate and left to cool. In the same pot, chop the celery stalk, white onion and carrot into small pieces and fry them. Bay leaves are also added and the vegetables are cooked until they soften. Vegetables are placed on a plate and left to cool. Meats and vegetables are pulsed in a food processor. Add Parmesan, egg yolk and salt and mix the mixture thoroughly.

Fresh pasta dough is rolled out thinly with a rolling pin or pasta machine on a floured counter. The dough is cut into squares with a toothed wheel. Place a teaspoon of meat mixture in the middle of the dough. Water is applied to the edges of the dough and the dough is folded and closed. The ends of the dough are glued by pressing with a toothed wheel. Meat ravioli is placed on a floured tray.

Boil plenty of water in a pot and add salt. Meat ravioli is thrown into boiling water and boiled for 5 minutes. Meat ravioli is removed through a strainer and served with the desired sauce. Enjoy your meal!