Mapfre Climbing Race took place on the Darlık Village track

mapfre climbing

In the race where 5 athletes competed in 19 categories, Sevcan Sağıroğlu from Atış Motorsport team came first in Category 1, while Özgür Şenyüz came in second and Nusret Bayraktar came in third.

In Category 2, Engin Apaydın from Atış Motorsport team became the fastest name of the day, while in Category 3, Burak Başaklik from Atış Motorsport team became the first person. Murat Soyçopur from the same team came in second, while Eda Soylu from GP Garage My Team took third place.

In Category 4, Cem Yalın from GP Garage My Team was the winner. zambest of the day at 02:43,99 zamHe also recorded the moment. In this category, Sinan Soylu from GP Garage My Team finished the day in second place, while Kübra Denizci Keskin from Neo Motorspor team took third place. In Category 5, Bahadır Sevinç from Ülkü Motorsport team continued his first place streak in Istanbul, while Ertekin Tekneci came second and Burak Söğüt took third place.

In the race where Atış Motorsports won the teams' first place, Sevcan Sağıroğlu in Category 1, Eda Soylu in Category 3 and Kübra Denizci Keskin in Category 4 were the athletes who shared the first places in the women's classification, while Özgür Şenyüz in Category 1 and Özgür Şenyüz in Category 2 in the local classification. Gizem Filiz, Serkan Şefik in Category 3 and Bahadır Sevinç in Category 5 won first place.

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