“M Passionate Driving Days” is taking place in Istanbul Park!

bmw istanbul park

Passion for M is experienced in Istanbul Park with the new BMW XM!

The “M Passionate Driving Days” event organized by Borusan Otomotiv – BMW Turkey welcomes automobile enthusiasts in Istanbul Park. At the event, drift with BMW's newest and most powerful models, accompanied by BOM instructors. zamThere are exciting moments on the track and track tracks. The most striking model of the event is the New BMW XM, the first hybrid engine car in M ​​history.

New BMW XM Offers M Performance with Its Hybrid Engine

The new BMW XM is a SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle) model with plug-in hybrid technology, produced at the BMW Group's Spartanburg Plant in the USA. The vehicle produces 4.4 horsepower and 8 Nm of torque with its 653-liter, V800-cylinder, M TwinPower Turbo internal combustion engine and electric motor. Transferring this power to all four wheels uninterruptedly with its 8-speed M Steptronic transmission, the New BMW XM reaches speeds from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds.

The new BMW XM also makes a difference by having the first M HYBRID engine in M ​​history. Using its electric motor, the vehicle offers a completely silent and zero-emission driving experience in the city. In addition, the vehicle consumes an average of 100 liters of fuel per 2.5 km with its electric motor.

New BMW XM Reflects the Design of the Future

The new BMW XM bears traces of the future with its muscular body, sporty silhouette and striking rear design. The headlights divided into two separate units and the giant illuminated BMW kidney grilles used in the brand's luxury segment models support the luxurious and striking stance of the New BMW XM.

The interior of the new BMW XM also offers high quality and comfort. The ceiling lining, with its three-dimensional prism structure and eye-catching illumination, takes the atmosphere inside the New BMW XM to a completely different level. The new BMW Widgets specific to M cars, such as vehicle setup and tire status, can be seen on the 12.3-inch multimedia screen.

New BMW XM Offers M Dynamism on Every Surface

The new BMW This advanced system works extremely safely with the powertrain, creating the highest level of handling capability.

The new BMW XM offers participants an unforgettable driving experience at the M Passionate Driving Days event. The event continues at Istanbul Park between 10-12 November 2023. Those who want to participate in the event can register via [BMW Turkey website].