What is Red Sprite? How does the Red Jinn weather phenomenon occur?

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A Rarely Seen Red Goblin in the Aegean Surprised the Weather Phenomenon

Following the severe storms in the Aegean region in recent days, a very rare weather event occurred in the sky. Bright reddish lights, called the Red Goblin, dazzled. So, what is the Red Jinn and how is it formed? Here is the statement from Meteorology.

Red Goblin Forms Above Storm Clouds

Red Sprites are plasma-like glows that form above storm clouds at an altitude of approximately 95 kilometers. These flashes occur in 3-10 milliseconds and are very difficult to detect. The Red Goblin is caused by electrical discharges within storm clouds. These discharges occur when positively and negatively charged particles in clouds come together. Electrical discharges create red spirits as a result of electric current passing through neutral nitrogen molecules.

Factors Effective in the Formation of the Red Goblin

Another factor that affects the formation of the Red Goblin is the size of the storm clouds, the amount of electrical charge in the clouds and the temperature of the atmosphere. The larger the storm clouds, the greater the electrical charge. This increases the intensity of electrical discharges. Additionally, the temperature of the atmosphere also affects the conduction of electric current. As the temperature of the atmosphere decreases, electric current is conducted more easily. This makes the red goblins look brighter.

Red Goblin Spotted in the Aegean

Severe storms in the Aegean region in recent days paved the way for the red jinn weather phenomenon. The moments when bright reddish lights appeared in the sky were recorded by eyewitnesses. The Red Jinn weather phenomenon was seen for the first time in the Aegean. The meteorologist stated that the red goblin weather phenomenon is a very rare phenomenon and one needs to be very careful to observe it. The Red Jinn weather event added a new one to the natural beauties of the Aegean with its dazzling beauty.