Delivery of Karsan e-ATA buses has started!


Karsan Started Electric Bus Delivery in Italy! Here are the Features and Price of e-ATA…

Karsan continues to be a pioneer in Europe in electric public transportation vehicles. While the company determines new target markets, it also increases its orders in existing markets. Karsan continues to deliver the tenders it won without slowing down. In this context, Karsan delivered the first batch of e-ATA buses to TPER, Italy's largest passenger transportation company.

What do e-ATA Buses Offer?

Karsan's electric bus series e-ATA is 18 meters long and has a capacity of 145 passengers. The vehicles will play an important role in the public transport transformation of the city of Bologna. e-ATA buses were delivered to TPER at a ceremony held in Maggiore Square in Bologna.

Karsan CEO Okan Baş said that e-ATA buses are both Bologna's first electric 18-meter vehicles and Italy's first pantograph electric 18-meter vehicles. Baş also stated that the contract they signed last year was worth 18.2 million Euros.

e-ATA buses offer high performance, long range and low operating costs. Vehicles can reach a range of 5 km with 400 hours of charging. Additionally, vehicles can be charged quickly thanks to the pantograph system. e-ATA buses provide passengers and drivers with a pleasant travel experience with their comfort, safety and connectivity features.

Karsan is Growing in the Electric Vehicle Market

Karsan follows a global growth strategy in the electric vehicle market. Following the e-JEST and e-ATAK models, the company has now entered the Italian market with e-ATA. Karsan aims to increase its existing 50 electric vehicle fleet in Italy to 2023 by the end of 100. Karsan will also put 1000 electric vehicles into service in Europe and North America by the end of this year.

Karsan promises that its product portfolio will consist entirely of zero-emission vehicles by 2040. In line with this goal, the company follows the transformation roadmap that it initiated with zero-emission, connected and autonomous technologies in heavy commercial vehicles, called 'Generation F'.

e-ATA buses will be available for sale both in Turkey and international markets as of February 2024. The prices and other details of the vehicles have not been announced yet. Karsan plans to open a new page in the electric public transportation market with its new electric bus series e-ATA.