İSKİ DAM OCCUPANCY RATES! Did the rains affect the dams, did the water level rise?


Rain damaged dams in Istanbul

The heavy rain that started yesterday and continues today in Istanbul increased the water level in the dams. The effect of rainfall is wondered in the city, which has been in danger of drought for a long time. İSKİ announced the 13 November dam occupancy rates.

Water level in dams increased to 16,47%

According to the statement made by İSKİ, as of November 13, the water level in the dams was measured as 16,47%. This rate was 11% on 16,18 November and 12% on 16,43 November. Thus, the water level in the dams increased by 0,29% in two days.

The rain is expected to continue until midnight today. In this case, it is possible for the water level in the dams to rise even further. İSKİ will make a new statement tomorrow.

How much is water consumption in Istanbul?

Approximately 16 million people living in Istanbul consume an average of 2,8 million cubic meters of water per day. This means 175 liters of water per person per day. The rise in water levels in dams is an important opportunity to meet Istanbul's water needs. However, experts warn that water should be saved.