İSKİ dam occupancy rates! What is the status of Istanbul dam occupancy?

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Rain brought life to the dams in Istanbul! Latest Statement from İSKİ

The heavy rain that started yesterday morning in Istanbul and lasted until midnight increased the water level in the dams. İSKİ announced the dam occupancy rates as of November 14. Here is the latest status of Istanbul dam occupancy…

Water Level in Istanbul Dams is Rising

Dams in Istanbul, which experienced the driest period of recent years, started to rise after a long time with the effect of rainfall. The heavy rain that started across the city yesterday morning and continued for 17-18 hours uninterruptedly destroyed the dams. Following the rain, the water level in the dams has increased since last weekend.

Latest Statement from İSKİ: Dam Occupancy Rate is 17,08

İSKİ announced the dam occupancy rates on its official website as of November 14. Accordingly, Istanbul dam occupancy was announced as 17,08. This rate is approximately 10 points lower than in the same period last year. However, it is estimated that dam occupancy rates will increase further if the rains continue.

Latest Situation in Istanbul Dams

According to the data announced by İSKİ, the latest situation in Istanbul dams is as follows:

  • Ömerli Dam: 35,37
  • Darlık Dam: 26,92
  • Elmalı Dam: 16,9
  • Terkos Dam: 8,62
  • Alibey Dam: 17,66
  • Büyükçekmece Dam: 5,04
  • Sazlıdere Dam: 2,92
  • Istrancalar Dam: 18,82
  • Kazandere Dam: 6,74
  • Pabuçdere Dam: 2,96