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The Stranger Within: Neil Jordan's Thriller

The Stranger Within is a thriller film starring Jodie Foster, directed by Neil Jordan and written by Roderick Taylor and Bruce A. Taylor. The film is about a radio host named Erica Bain's quest for justice and revenge after an attack in which her fiancee was killed. In the film, Foster is accompanied by names such as Naveen Andrews, Terrence Howard, Mary Steenburgen and Jane Adams.

Erica Bain: A Radio Host Sharing the Voice of the Streets

Erica Bain is a radio host who considers the streets of New York both her home and source of income. She shares the sounds and stories of her beloved city with radio listeners through the program called "Street Walk", which she hosts. In the evenings, she returns to her fiancé, David Kirmani, the love of her life. Erica is passionately committed to her city and her fiancée.

One Scary Night: Erica's Life Changes

But everything Erica knows and loves is taken from her one terrible night. While walking in Central Park with David, they are attacked suddenly and brutally. While David dies in the attack, Erica is also on the verge of death. Although the wounds on Erica's body heal, the wounds on her soul do not heal. The only thing greater than the pain of losing David is the terrifying feeling of fear that haunts him. One zamThe city streets, which he loved to wander around, now seem foreign and threatening. Erica is left alone in a world where she cannot feel safe.

Fire of Vengeance: The Stranger Within Erica

Erica decides to arm herself with a gun to deal with this fear. The gun in his hand becomes a concrete way to protect himself against an abstract enemy. But as Erica starts using her gun, she finds herself changing. The first time you shoot someone, it's a kill or be killed situation. The second time, it was self-defense. But for the third time, Erica chose not to keep herself out of harm's way? One zamThe fear that freezes Erica's blood is replaced by something else. One night, his urge to take back the life stolen from him turns into something he didn't realize was inside him. Erica is forced to confront the stranger inside her.

The Stranger Within: Cast and Producers

The Stranger Within is a thriller film directed by Neil Jordan and released in 2007. The film is based on a screenplay by Roderick Taylor and Bruce A. Taylor. The film stars Jodie Foster as Erica Bain, Naveen Andrews as David Kirmani, Terrence Howard as Detective Mercer, Mary Steenburgen as Carol and Jane Adams as Nicole. The film was produced by Scott Rudin, Charles Randolph and Joel Silver. The movie, Warner Bros. Distributed by Pictures.

The Stranger Within: Reviews and Ratings

The Stranger Within received mixed reviews from critics. The film has an average of 44% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film received a score of 100 out of 56 on Metacritic. The movie received a score of 10 out of 6.7 on IMDb. While the film was praised by some critics for Jodie Foster's acting and Neil Jordan's direction, some critics criticized the weakness of the script and the ambiguity of its message. The film also sparked controversy due to its violent content and theme of revenge.

The Stranger Within: Tracking Information

The Stranger Within was released in 2007 and lasted 122 minutes. The film is rated R (under 17s should watch with parents). The film was also released in Turkey and was found suitable for audiences aged 15 and over. The movie can also be watched on platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BluTV and Digiturk. The film is a production in the genres of action, thriller and drama. The film offers an experience that both excites and makes viewers think.