Huawei's fast charging technology for electric vehicles: FusionCharge

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Huawei Introduced FusionCharge Technology for Electric Vehicles!

Huawei offers smart charging products with its new generation liquid-cooled ultra-fast power unit developed for electric vehicles. This technology, called FusionCharge, provides a reliable, efficient and flexible charging experience for both users and charging point operators. Huawei introduced this technology at the Electric Vehicle Charging Technologies Equipment Fair and announced that it is ready for use in Turkey.

What is FusionCharge and How Does It Work?

FusionCharge is one of Huawei's smart charging products that supports sustainable development and focuses on promoting next-generation technologies. This product consists of components such as liquid-cooled power unit, cabin, power pool and power sharing matrix. These components work together to achieve high-speed charging.

FusionCharge can produce a high power output of 720 kW. In this way, it can support up to 12 outputs and handle up to 600 kW of output power with a single connector. Developed as a fully liquid-cooled architecture with DC bus, it offers superior quality, more flexibility and an improved charging experience compared to traditional architecture.

FusionCharge provides a high-speed charging experience with its 500 amp power. The product, which has 95,5% efficiency and an extremely low failure rate, also eliminates the noise barrier by operating below 60dB thanks to its completely liquid-cooled technology.

What Does FusionCharge Offer in Turkey?

Huawei states that it is excited to launch FusionCharge technology in Turkey. With this technology, the company aims to accelerate the electrification process and pioneer the digitalization of smart e-mobility. Additionally, it continues to work with its business partners to create a flexible and efficient digital power ecosystem.

FusionCharge offers many advantages for both users and charging point operators. Users can get more range in a shorter time, and charging point operators can earn less infrastructure costs and higher income. FusionCharge, same zamIt also provides charging point operators with the opportunity to remotely monitor, manage and optimize charging stations.