Hotomobil Met with Caravan Enthusiasts in Gaziantep

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Hotomobil Met with Caravan Enthusiasts in Gaziantep

Hotomobil, Turkey's first and only European Caravan Association member, participated in the CAMPEX Camping, Caravan and Nature Sports Fair held in Gaziantep. Hotomobil exhibited the Gladiator, Reviva Camper Van, Freedom Motorhome and Troy Towing Caravan models that reflect the luxury, premium and comfortable state of mobile life at the fair. Hotomobil also instilled sustainability awareness and love of nature with the "Green Footprints" workshop for primary school students.

Hotomobil's Models at the Fair

Hotomobil introduced four different models at the fair. These models showed that Hotomobil is a brand that makes a difference in the automotive industry with its superior engineering approach, certificate of compliance with European Union standards and success in selling to three continents. Hotomobil's models at the fair were:

  • Gladiator: Compatible with all new generation double-cabin Pick-Up models, Gladiator has become the favorite of caravan enthusiasts who want to experience the outdoor lifestyle. With its design that does not affect the off-road performance and mobility of the vehicles, Gladiator provides living spaces for its users all over the world and offers a universe where three people can comfortably stay in all four seasons.
  • Reviva Camper Van: Reviva Camper Van, whose caravan conversion was provided with Volkswagen Crafter, Fiat Ducato, Citroen Jumper, Ford Transit and Peugeot Boxer vehicles, made its users feel the difference of comfortable interior design with high production standards. Reviva Camper Van won the appreciation of caravan lovers with its features such as its large interior volume, ergonomic furniture, practical kitchen and bathroom areas, bedroom and seating group.
  • Freedom Motorhome: Hotomobil's newest model, Freedom Motorhome, was showcased for the first time at the fair. Freedom Motorhome is a 6,36 meter long, 2,05 meter wide and 2,65 meter high motorhome built on the Fiat Ducato infrastructure. Freedom Motorhome is fully equipped with features such as bed capacity for four people, 120 liter water tank, 100 liter waste water tank, 90 liter refrigerator, kitchen with 2 stoves, bathroom with shower, heating system, solar panel, rear view camera, navigation system, TV, music system. A well-equipped motorhome.
  • Troy Towed Caravan: Hotomobil's smallest model, Troy Towed Caravan, was one of the most popular models at the fair. Troy Towing Caravan is a travel trailer that is 3,5 meters long, 1,8 meters wide and 1,9 meters high. Troy Tow Caravan is a small but functional travel trailer with features such as a double bed, 50 liter water tank, 40 liter waste water tank, 40 liter refrigerator, kitchen with 2 stoves, heating system, solar panel, TV and music system.

Hotomobil's ÔÇťGreen FootprintsÔÇŁ Workshop

Hotomobil not only exhibited its caravan models at the fair, but also zamHe also organized a "Green Footprints" workshop for primary school students. This workshop is a social responsibility project initiated by Hotomobil to instill sustainability awareness and love of nature. This project will be held in a different city every year and will become a tradition.

In the "Green Footprints" workshop, students were offered special workshops and educational games such as basic camping training, special treasure hunt and knot workshop. While students enjoy being in touch with nature thanks to these workshops and games, they also zamThey also learned the importance of protecting nature. With this project, Hotomobil aims to offer students an environmentally friendly lifestyle and leave them with green footprints.