Honda EM1 entered the Turkish market! Here is the price and features…

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Honda's Electric Motorcycle EM1 e: Goes on Sale in Turkey!

Honda became the first brand to enter the electric motorcycle market in Europe. Aiming to achieve its carbon neutral target in line with its electrification strategy, Honda offers the EM1 e: model to its customers in the Turkish market. Here is the Honda EM1 e: price and features of the model…

Honda EM1 e: What is the model?

The Honda EM1 e: model is Honda's first two-wheeled electric vehicle in the European market. Honda aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and continues to work to develop future technologies in this direction. Honda plans to launch more than 2025 electric motorcycle models globally by 10.

Honda shapes its product range in the Turkish market within the scope of its global strategy. Honda Turkey Motorcycle, which draws attention in the European market with its leadership in the motorcycle market, is expanding its product range in line with the needs of its customers and the expectations of the market. In this context, it also offers the EM1 e: model to the Turkish market.

Honda EM1 e: What are the Price and Features of the Model?

The price of the Honda EM1 e: model was determined as 29.900 TL. The EM4 e: model, which is offered for sale at selected Honda dealers on Saturday, November 2023, 1, with metallic white and black color options, aims to be used in urban mobility and e-commerce services.

The Honda EM1 e: model is powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack e:. This package provides 1.7 kW power, 90 Nm torque and a maximum speed of 45 kilometers. Additionally, it offers a range of over 40 km with a fully charged battery. Honda EM1 e: model provides comfortable handling with its weight of 95 kilograms.

The Honda EM1 e: model has features such as 3.3 liters of storage space under the seat, an interior pocket on the left side of the body, a USB socket for smartphone charging on the right side, a bag hanger and grab handles for the passenger. The Honda EM1 e: model is seen as an important move by Honda, which positions sustainability for future generations among its core approaches, towards its goal of reducing its carbon footprint.

Honda EM1 e: How to Buy the Model?

Those who want to purchase the Honda EM1 e: model can apply to selected Honda dealers. Since the Honda EM1 e: model is offered for sale in the Turkish market with a corporate sales target, it is aimed to be sold especially to corporate customers who use it for a long time. The Honda EM1 e: model stands out as Honda's first step in the electric motorcycle market. Honda plans to offer more models in the electric motorcycle market and provide new experiences to its customers.