Honda introduced its new technology at EICMA 2023!


Honda Introduced E-Clutch Technology at EICMA 2023

Honda introduced a new technology to motorcycle lovers at EICMA 2023. Honda Electronic Clutch (E-Clutch) technology was developed as a combination of quick shifters, manual clutches and DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) technology. E-Clutch is designed to make riding more enjoyable and exciting for motorcycle users of all levels. So, what is Honda E-Clutch technology, how does it work, which models will it be on? Here are the things you need to know about Honda E-Clutch technology…

What is Honda E-Clutch Technology?

Honda E-Clutch technology eliminates the need to use the clutch lever to shift the gearbox up or down; It makes it sufficient for the driver to use the gear shift pedal. In this way, the driver exerts less effort when changing gear and has a smoother driving experience.

Honda E-Clutch technology does not require a clutch lever for starting and stopping the motorcycle. It is activated as soon as the motorcycle is started and automatically adjusts the clutch when the driver presses the gearshift pedal. If the driver does not prefer to use it, the clutch lever can be used normally by turning it off via the instrument panel.

Honda E-Clutch technology bears the signature of Honda engineering and works in harmony with Honda's other technologies. For example, systems such as Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC), Honda Smart ABS (HSA) and Honda Smart Cruise Control (HSC) work together with E-Clutch to offer more safety and comfort to the driver.

Which Models Will Have Honda E-Clutch Technology?

Honda E-Clutch technology is planned to be included in many models by 2024. CB650R and CBR650R, the first Honda models with E-Clutch feature, were exhibited for the first time at EICMA 2023. These models will be available in both standard and E-Clutch versions. Honda E-Clutch technology will be applied to other models in the future. Honda E-Clutch technology appeals to both beginners and experienced motorcycle users.