What are the rules for Hajj? zamWhat time will it be filmed? Hajj draw results

Hajj results

2024 Hajj Draw is Being Drawn Today: How Will the Results Be Learned?

Citizens who want to perform the pilgrimage are excitedly waiting for the 2024 pilgrimage draw. Presidency of Religious Affairs, what is the hajj lottery? zamHe explained the moment and how to do it. So, what is the pilgrimage lottery? zamWhat time will it be filmed? How will the Hajj lottery results be learned? Here are the details…

At what time will the Hajj Draw be drawn?

The Presidency of Religious Affairs announced the date and time of the draw for candidates who have pre-registered to perform the pilgrimage in 2024.

Accordingly, the 2024 Hajj draw today (Thursday, November 2, 2023) It will be held at the headquarters of the Presidency of Religious Affairs.

The draw took place at XNUMX:XNUMX a.m. when the President of Religious Affairs, Ali Erbaş, pressed the button. 14.00It will start in .

How will the Hajj Lottery Results be learned?

Candidates participating in the Hajj lottery will be able to learn the results via the e-Government system.

Hajj draw results, 21.00 o'clock todayIt will be published on e-Government as of .

Candidates will be able to view their results by logging into [e-Government] and clicking on the "Hajj Registration Inquiry" option in the "Presidency of Religious Affairs" section.

How much are the 2024 Hajj Fees?

Fees for Hajj in 2024 have not been announced yet.

The Presidency of Religious Affairs stated that the pilgrimage fees will be announced after the draw.

Hajj fees announced last year were as follows:

  • Room for 2 People: 26.000 SAR
  • Room for 3 People: 24.000 SAR
  • Room for 4 People: 22.000 SAR