General Motors has applied to join F2028 as an engine manufacturer from 1!


GM applies to be engine supplier to F2028 in 1

GM took action to enter Formula 1. The automotive giant applied to the FIA ​​and FOM to establish the Andretti Cadillac team with the Cadillac brand and to produce its own engine in 2028.

Andretti Cadillac aims to become the 11th team

GM has partnered with Andretti Autosport to enter F1 with the Cadillac brand. Andretti Cadillac wants to join F1 as the 11th team. Approval has been received from the FIA ​​for this project, but FOM needs to grant commercial rights. FOM, on the other hand, remained undecided due to concerns about loss of income for the current 10 teams.

Andretti and GM executives will try to convince FOM by attending the Las Vegas Grand Prix this weekend. Andretti Cadillac is planned to enter F2025 in 1.

GM will produce its own F2028 engine in 1

GM was considering an engine deal with Alpine during the early years of Andretti Cadillac. However, the company later decided to develop its own F2028 engine for the 1 season. GM notified the FIA ​​of this decision and registered as an engine supplier for the 2028 season.

GM president Mark Reuss said, “We are very excited about our Andretti Cadillac F1 car that will be powered by the GM power unit. “With our engineering and racing experience, we believe that we will develop a successful engine for F1 and make Andretti Cadillac a true factory team.” said.

GM develops prototype technology for F1 engine

GM has already started working on the F1 engine. The company has developed prototype technology on topics such as renewable fuels, hybrid components, electrical parts, engine efficiency and durability that F1 will use. GM aims to meet all the standards required for the F1 engine and offer a competitive power unit.

GM's entry into F1 is subject to FOM approval. If FOM rejects Andretti Cadillac, GM's F1 plans could also fall through.