Ford's new electric crossover model has been spotted!

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Ford's Electric Crossover Model Caught on Camera!

Ford is turning to electric vehicles in the European market. Classic models such as Focus and Fiesta are being replaced by electric vehicles that meet the expectations of European customers. Ford, which demonstrated this strategy with the electric Explorer model it introduced in March, is now working on an electric crossover model that it plans to put on sale in 2024. The vehicle, captured by our spy photographers in Germany, reveals its design details despite its camouflage.

Ford Focuses on Electric Vehicles in Europe

Ford announced in March that it would release three new electric vehicles for the European market in the next two years. One of these vehicles is the Explorer's little brother, which we call Sport Crossover for now. This model will most likely be the largest electric vehicle that Ford will offer for sale in Europe. It is expected to be even larger than the Explorer and Mustang Mach-E. The other two models will be an entry-level electric Puma and a compact SUV.

Ford is not alone in its electrification move. By collaborating with the Volkswagen Group for both electric vehicles and light commercial vehicles, it gains an advantage over its competitors. The Sport Crossover model will use Volkswagen's MEB platform like the Explorer and will have similar dimensions as the ID.6. However, it will have a sportier appearance and will be higher from the ground.

What Will the Interior of the Sport Crossover Model Be Like?

There is no clear information yet about the interior of the Sport Crossover model. But looking at the interior designs of Ford and Volkswagen's current electric vehicles, we might expect to see a mix. Explorer and ID.4 take different approaches, giving clues about what kind of cockpit the Sport Crossover model will have.

The official name and technical specifications of the Sport Crossover model have not been announced yet. However, the vehicle is planned to be introduced in 2024 and be produced in Ford's Cologne factory.