Ford Trucks introduced its new series, F-LINE trucks

ford fline truck

Ford Trucks Announces F-LINE Truck Series! Here are the Design, Technology and Price Details…

Ford Trucks is starting a new era in the heavy commercial vehicle market. The company introduced its new truck series, F-LINE, at the event held in Antalya. The F-LINE series bears the signature of Ford Trucks' design and development team. The series attracts attention with connected vehicle technologies, advanced safety features, comfort and modern design.

How was the F-LINE Series Designed?

Ford Trucks designed the F-LINE series with the understanding of 'Together in Every Load'. The company developed the F-LINE series considering market demands and customer requirements. The series offers efficiency, satisfaction and reliability at every stage of the customer experience. The series enables Ford Trucks to reach a wider audience in the heavy commercial vehicle industry with its innovation and versatility.

The design of the F-LINE series is inspired by F-MAX. The cabin and exterior are designed to increase ergonomics, comfort and efficiency. Quality and comfort were prioritized in the interior design. The exterior design offers a stylish, dynamic and eye-catching appearance. The 9-inch multimedia screen, with which drivers can manage many functions in the vehicle, renewed seat fabrics, and new steering wheel and control buttons increase driving comfort. The renewed grille, bumper, headlights, fender, door and mirror coverings ensure that power and style are presented together. It also supports ergonomics by making entering and exiting the vehicle easier.

What Technologies Does the F-LINE Series Offer?

The F-LINE series is also equipped with safety technologies. The series offers the highest level of driving pleasure. It provides a safe journey with its Blind Spot Warning System, Rear View Camera, Traffic Sign Recognition System, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, Emergency Brake Lamps and Alcohol Lock Readiness.

The series also has features such as Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, Smart Adaptive Cruise Control System with Stop-and-Go Feature, Automatic High Beam and Lane Departure Warning System, which offer a safer and more enjoyable driving experience for drivers.

Ford Trucks promises that its product portfolio will consist entirely of zero-emission vehicles by 2040. In line with this goal, the company follows the transformation roadmap that it initiated with zero-emission, connected and autonomous technologies in heavy commercial vehicles, called 'Generation F'.

F-LINE Series What ZamWill it be available for sale?

The F-LINE series will be available for sale both in Turkey and international markets as of February 2024. The price and other details of the series have not been announced yet. Ford Trucks aims to break new ground in the heavy commercial vehicle market with its new truck series F-LINE.