Ford Otosan lifted the covers of its new facility!

ford otosan facility

Ford Otosan Opened its Yeniköy Factory!

Ford Otosan opened its new facility, focusing on electric and hybrid vehicle production, with a ceremony on November 4, 2023. Yeniköy Factory stands out as a sustainable, digital and efficient factory that has broken many firsts in Turkey's automotive industry. Yeniköy Factory was implemented as a part of Ford Otosan's 2 billion euro vision project.

Why is Yeniköy Factory Important?

Yeniköy Factory is a factory where Ford Otosan has implemented comprehensive investments in line with its future vision. With the mission of leading the electric transformation of the automotive industry, the factory produces the new generation Ford Transit Custom, the first rechargeable hybrid vehicle produced in Turkey. In addition, the new generation 1 ton Volkswagen commercial vehicle, owned by the Ford and Volkswagen partnership, will be produced at the factory.

Yeniköy Factory demonstrates Ford Otosan's determination to bring its engineering and production power to the global stage as the commercial vehicle production base in Europe. The factory became the first factory among Ford's European facilities to produce rechargeable automobiles and batteries. The factory will increase its capacity to 2025 units in 405.000.

What kind of factory is Yeniköy Factory?

Yeniköy Factory is a factory redesigned with sustainable, digital and efficient solutions. The factory increases the efficiency of production lines with welding and assembly workshops with multi-storey architecture, designed and implemented from scratch by Ford Otosan engineers. Factory, same zamIt currently makes a difference with its pioneering practices, which are firsts within Ford facilities and in Turkey's automotive industry.

Yeniköy Factory also stands out with its environmentally friendly and energy efficient applications. The factory contributes to the sustainability goals of Ford Otosan, which is on its way to becoming carbon neutral. The factory provides both energy saving and environmental protection with innovative solutions such as solar panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection system, wastewater treatment plant, LED lighting, heat pump and natural gas generator.

Yeniköy Factory is a part of the road map drawn by Ford Otosan to transform the automotive ecosystem. The factory works with a vision that aims to both reduce environmental impacts and increase performance. The factory creates significant value for both Türkiye and Europe.