Ferrari's hybrid engine vehicle sales are increasing!

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Ferrari Takes the Leadership in Hybrid Vehicles!

In its sales statement in the last quarter, Ferrari announced that hybrid vehicles were sold more than internal combustion engine vehicles. This was recorded as a first in Ferrari's history. Ferrari continues to develop new models to meet the increasing demand for hybrid technologies.

How Did Ferrari Increase Hybrid Vehicle Sales?

Ferrari announced that it delivered 3,188 vehicles in the last quarter and 51.3 percent of these vehicles had hybrid engines. This shows that Ferrari has taken the lead in hybrid vehicle sales in Europe. In particular, plug-in hybrid models such as the 296 and SF90 series attracted great attention from customers.

Ferrari continues to develop new models to increase hybrid vehicle sales. The company predicts that 40 percent of vehicles delivered in the coming years will be fully electric. 40 percent will be powered by hybrid technologies and only 20 percent will have pure internal combustion engines.

What are the Advantages of Ferrari Hybrid Vehicles?

Ferrari hybrid vehicles are advantageous in terms of both environmental and performance. Hybrid vehicles consume less fuel and produce less carbon emissions due to the combination of electric and internal combustion engines. Thus, while protecting the environment zamIt saves fuel instantly.

Hybrid vehicles are also superior in terms of performance. Hybrid vehicles offer a faster and more dynamic drive thanks to the instant torque of the electric engine and the high power of the internal combustion engine. For example, the Ferrari SF90 Stradale model produces 1000 horsepower and 800 Nm of torque and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2,5 seconds.

Ferrari hybrid vehicles also make a difference in terms of design. Hybrid vehicles have an aerodynamic and sporty appearance that reflects Ferrari's new design approach. Hybrid vehicles are equipped with features such as LED headlights, carbon fiber details, digital instrument panel, touch screen, seat heating, air conditioning, navigation and parking sensors.

Ferrari hybrid vehicles are a reflection of Ferrari's vision for the future. By investing in hybrid technologies, Ferrari aims to both protect the environment and offer its customers a unique driving experience. Ferrari also states that it is open to future fuel technologies and emphasizes that internal combustion engines will continue to be developed.