Ferrari will use technology more in its electric vehicles

Ferrari Increases Technology in Electric Vehicles!

Ferrari is using what it has learned from the technology industry to enter the electric vehicle market. The Italian automobile manufacturer, which chose Benedetto Vigna, who comes from the technology industry, as its CEO in 2021, is using technological methods to develop its first fully electric vehicle, which it will launch in 2025.

One of these methods is “Hardware in the Loop” (HIL) testing. This test aims to simulate in minute detail how products will behave under different conditions. While this test is used for smartphones and computers, it also plays an important role for Ferrari's electric vehicles.

Vigna says HIL testing speeds up the debugging phase of electronic systems. “We have already solved some problems that normally arise at later stages in our hybrid models,” says Vigna.

Ferrari's first fully electric vehicle will use three electric motors and offer performance that will reach four-digit power figures. Additionally, the vehicle draws attention with its 800V architecture with fast charging features. Thanks to this technology, it can be charged from 30 percent to 10 percent in just 80 minutes and reach a range of approximately 805 km.

By combining these new technological steps, Ferrari shows its determination to maintain its strong presence in the electric vehicle market. The company's new facility, called "e-building", is ready to produce electric and hybrid vehicles. Vigna announced that he tested the prototype of the company's first electric vehicle in October and "liked it very much". Ferrari wants to be in a competitive position in the electric vehicle market.