Ferrari CEO: Ferrari's order list is full until 2026!


Ferrari's Order List is Full until 2026: CEO Announces

Ferrari's CEO, Benedetto Vigna, said in a statement following the company's last quarter results that Ferrari's order books are full until 2026. Vigna stated that Ferrari's demand is very strong and that it has received enough orders to meet all orders until 2025. This means that new orders can be delivered in 2026 at the earliest.

Ferrari Broke a Record in 2023

Ferrari had a very successful year in 2023. Deliveries made until the end of September increased by 5,3 percent compared to the same period last year, reaching 10.418 units. This was the highest nine-month delivery figure in Ferrari's history. Despite this impressive achievement, Ferrari's production is still increasing. The company said that it will not allocate more than 2022 percent of annual production to SUVs, even when its first SUV model, Purosangue, which it plans to launch in 20, has not reached full capacity.

Ferrari Switches to Electric Vehicles

Ferrari is also taking ambitious steps in electrification. Vigna confirmed that Ferrari's first fully electric vehicle is planned for launch in the last quarter of 2025. He also added that the development team was ahead of the predetermined schedule in some processes. Ferrari also plans to open a new factory in Maranello in 2024. This factory will be specifically designed for hybrid and fully electric models. Ferrari aims to have 2030 percent of its annual sales from hybrids, 40 percent from electric vehicles and the remaining 40 percent from internal combustion engine vehicles by 20. Vigna said that the internal combustion engine still has a lot to do and that they are also interested in vehicles running on synthetic fuels.