What is the FED interest rate decision? zamAt what time will it be announced? FED meeting dates

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FED Interest Rate Decision is Expected: What is the October 2023 FED Meeting? Zamat?

The latest developments in the FED interest rate decision and FED meeting dates are among the topics of interest on the agenda. It is wondered whether the US Federal Reserve (FED) will change the policy rate in October. So what is the FED interest rate decision? zamAt what time will it be announced? What is the Fed interest rate meeting? zamat?

What is the FED Interest Rate Decision? ZamAnnounced at the moment?

The FED interest rate decision will be announced at 1:2023 on November 21.00, 31, after the FED meeting. The FED meeting will be held between October 1 and November 2023, XNUMX.

How Does the FED Determine Interest Rate Decisions?

The FED determines the interest rate decision according to the condition of the US economy. The FED monitors economic indicators such as inflation, employment, growth, consumer expenditures, foreign trade and financial markets and increases, decreases or keeps the policy rate constant accordingly.

How Does FED Interest Rate Decision Affect Turkey?

FED interest rate decision may affect Turkey directly or indirectly. If the FED increases interest rates, investing in the USA becomes more attractive and global capital flows to the USA. This may lead to capital outflow from developing countries and depreciation of their currencies.

If the FED reduces interest rates, investing in the US becomes less attractive and global capital moves out of the US. This may lead to capital inflows to developing countries and an appreciation of their currencies.

If the FED keeps its interest rate constant, uncertainty in the markets will decrease and global capital flow will balance. This may increase or decrease the value of currencies depending on the economic situation of developing countries.

How can we protect ourselves from the FED interest rate decision?

Some measures can be taken individually or institutionally to protect against the FED interest rate decision. These are:

  • Avoiding borrowing in foreign currency or reducing the amount of borrowing against exchange rate risk.
  • Those who do not have foreign currency income should avoid holding foreign currency assets or reduce the amount of assets.
  • Borrowing at a fixed interest rate or reducing the cost of borrowing against interest rate risk.
  • Turning to real-yielding investment instruments against inflation risk or borrowing money indexed to inflation.
  • Strengthening cash position or creating an emergency fund against liquidity risk.