Elon Musk: “Tesla's value may reach 4 trillion dollars”

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Could Tesla's Value Reach $4 Trillion? What Do Elon Musk and Investors Think?

Tesla is constantly increasing its market value as the leader of the electric car industry. The company's CEO, Elon Musk, said that Tesla could be more valuable than Apple and Saudi Aramco combined. But Tesla investors are even more assertive. According to them, Tesla's value could reach $4 trillion. So, is this possible? What are the factors that will increase Tesla's value? Here are the curious things about Tesla!

What is Tesla's Market Value?

Tesla generated $2021 billion in revenue in the first quarter of 10,4. The company delivered 438 thousand vehicles in the same period. Tesla's market value is approximately 670 billion dollars. This figure makes Tesla the most valuable automobile manufacturer in the world. The market value of its closest rival, Toyota, is around 250 billion dollars.

What are the factors that will increase Tesla's value?

Tesla is not just a car manufacturer, it's the same zamCurrently a technology company. In addition to electric vehicles, the company also operates in areas such as batteries, solar energy, autonomous driving and artificial intelligence. Factors that will increase Tesla's value are:

  • Growth of the electric vehicle market: Electric vehicles are seen as an alternative to global warming and environmental problems. The electric vehicle market grew by 2020 percent in 43, reaching 3,2 million units. In 2030, this figure is expected to increase to 31,1 million units. Tesla, as the leader of the electric vehicle market, is one of the companies that will benefit most from this growth.
  • Battery technology: Tesla also plays a leading role in battery technology. The company is constantly conducting research and development to reduce battery costs and increase energy density. At its Battery Day in 2020, Tesla announced a new type of battery that it can produce in 2023 at a cost of less than $100 per kilowatt hour. This battery will increase the range and performance of Tesla's vehicles. Additionally, Tesla may license its battery technology to other automakers.