The first electric Mercedes-AMG model will have 1.000 horsepower

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Mercedes-AMG's Electric Monster Could Exceed 1.000 HP

Mercedes-AMG is preparing to enter the electric car market. The performance wing of the German brand plans to introduce its first fully electric model in 2025. While prototypes of the model were seen on the roads, some technical details also emerged. Here's what you need to know about Mercedes-AMG's electric monster.

What kind of platform will the electric AMG model use?

Mercedes-AMG has developed a special platform for its electric model. This platform was called AMG.EA. This platform, unlike the models in Mercedes' EQ family, will be completely specific to the AMG wing. In this way, the model will be able to offer higher performance and dynamism.

The AMG.EA platform first appeared with the Vision AMG concept introduced last year. This concept was a design study that shed light on the electric future of Mercedes-AMG. Prototypes of the model also bear traces of this concept.

How Powerful Will the Electric AMG Model Be?

No official statement has been made yet about the power of the electric AMG model. However, according to Autocar's report, the British supplier named "Yasa", which Mercedes acquired in 2021, shared some information about the model's electric engine.

Accordingly, the electric motor of the model will weigh only 24 kg and will be able to produce 485 hp power and 800 Nm torque alone. If the model has one of these engines on both axles, the total power will reach 970 hp. However, there may also be an overboost feature that can exceed these values. In this way, the model can exceed 1.000 horsepower.

These figures could make the electric AMG model one of Mercedes' most powerful models. The hypercar called AMG One, which is currently at the top of the Mercedes-AMG family, has an output of just over 1 hp, thanks to the F1.000 setup it uses.

What is the Electric AMG Model? ZamWill it be the moment?

The launch date of the electric AMG model has not been determined yet. However, according to some sources, the model is expected to be released in 2025. The name of the model is not yet known. However, according to some claims, the model may be called “GT4”.

The electric AMG model will be an important part of Mercedes' electric car strategy. The German brand aims to electrify all its models by 2030.