Aegean Rally starts in Izmir on November 17

egeralli kasim

The exciting fifth leg of the Petrol Ofisi Maxima 2023 Turkish Rally Championship, the Aegean Rally, will start in Izmir Kemalpaşa between 17-19 November. The rally, which will be organized by the Aegean Automobile Sports Club (EOSK), is organized under the main sponsorship of ICRYPEX and with the support of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

In the rally, which is one of the important sports events of the Aegean region, 58 cars and 116 athletes will compete on the first-ever dirt stages of 337,16 kilometers long for two days.

The first day of the rally, which will start with the start ceremony to be held in front of the Hilton Garden Inn at 17 on Friday, November 20.00, will be attended by the Petrol Ofisi Maxima spectators at the Izmir Park race track starting from 16.05 after the Necip İrde (Dereköy) and Zafer Vatansever (Helvalı) stages are passed twice. It will end with a special stage.

The teams will get behind the wheel at 18 on Sunday, November 09.00, and pass the Remed Assistance (Kızılüzüm) and İbrahim Talda (Vişneli) stages twice, and then they will end the rally by reaching the finish podium at the Izmir Park race track at 16.50.

Hibya News Agency