What is a downburst air burst? How does the Downburst air explosion in Istanbul occur?

What is downburst?

Downburst Was Effective in Istanbul! So, What is Downburst and How Does It Occur?

The severe storm in Istanbul yesterday caused a weather event called downburst. This incident was also announced by AFAD and citizens were warned. Downburst is defined as a mass of air descending from a cloud to the ground with strong winds. So, what is downburst and how does it occur? Here are the things you need to know about downburst.

Downbursts are Strong Winds Descending from the Cloud to the Ground

A downburst is a weather event that occurs within a thunderstorm or severe weather cell. In this event, a high-energy air mass suddenly collapses towards the ground and spreads horizontally. In this way, strong winds are formed that concentrate at the point where they hit the ground and affect a wide area.

Downbursts are divided into two types: microburst and macroburst. Microbursts are small, localized events up to 4 km in diameter. Macrobursts, on the other hand, are larger-scale events that spread over areas larger than 4 km.

Downbursts can cause winds that can reach up to 160 miles per hour. These winds can knock down trees, damage buildings, and cause other structural damage. Additionally, it can affect the landing and takeoff of aircraft, so it is also a dangerous event for aviation.

Downburst occurs when a high-energy air mass collapses to the ground.

Downbursts are associated with severe weather cells and form as follows:

  • High Energy: A thunderstorm or severe weather cell creates a mass of high-energy air at high levels in the atmosphere.
  • Air Mass Collapse to the Ground: While this air mass rises inside the storm cell, it suddenly collapses towards the ground under the influence of various atmospheric factors.
  • Horizontal Spread: When the air mass hits the ground, it spreads horizontally over a wide area.
  • High Winds: Air hitting the ground triggers intense, violent winds.
  • Damage and Effects: Downbursts can cause serious damage through strong winds created by the impact of the air mass hitting the ground.