How much is the Eastern Express fare? Which cities does the Eastern Express pass through?

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A Magnificent Journey with Eastern Express

Eastern Express offers a 1.300-kilometer journey between Ankara and Kars. On this journey, it is possible to discover the natural and cultural beauties of Turkey. Eastern Express is considered one of the 4 most beautiful train routes in the world. So, how much is the Eastern Express fare? Which cities does the Eastern Express pass through? Here are the curious things about the Eastern Express…

Eastern Express Offers a 31-Hour Travel

Eastern Express offers a journey between Ankara and Kars in 31 hours and 40 minutes. During this trip, cities such as Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum are passed. Eastern Express started its touristic services in 2019. Touristic Eastern Express makes sightseeing stops in Erzincan and Erzurum in the Ankara-Kars direction, and in İliç, Divriği and Sivas in the Kars-Ankara direction. During these stops, passengers can visit the historical and natural beauties of the cities. A total of 2019 thousand 66 passengers have been transported by the Touristic Eastern Express since 258.

Eastern Express is Priced According to Different Periods

Eastern Express organizes additional trips for New Year's Eve and semester periods. A total of 42 train services are operated, 42 in the Ankara-Kars direction and 84 in the Kars-Ankara direction. Eastern Express consists of 8 bed cars and 1 dining car. Each sleeping car has 10 compartments (rooms), and each room has 2 beds. Prices for single rooms vary between low period, normal period and high period. The low period room fee is determined as 6 thousand liras, the normal period room fee is 8 thousand liras and the high period room fee is 12 thousand 500 liras. Maximum 2 people can travel in one room. Additionally, a maximum of 0 children between the ages of 6-2 can travel free of charge.