Big discounts and current loan opportunities at Chery for November!

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Chery Offers Unmissable Deals to Its Customers in November!

Chery, one of the world's largest automotive brands and selected as China's most valuable automotive brand, offers very attractive credit and discount opportunities to its customers in November. OMODA 20, TIGGO 5 PRO and TIGGO 7 PRO, SUV models developed by Chery with more than 8 years of experience and superior technology, are offered for sale at very special prices this month.

Chery SUV Models Can Be Purchased with Zero Interest Loan Opportunity

Chery offers zero-interest loans to its customers in November. In this way, those who want to buy Chery's young, dynamic and assertively designed SUV model OMODA 5 can benefit from the loan opportunity for 250 thousand TL with a maturity of 12 months and 0 percent interest. The same credit facility is available for TIGGO 7 PRO, which was developed at global standards and is the most attractive model in its segment. Those who prefer Chery's 7-seat, large-volume and comfortable SUV model TIGGO 8 PRO can own a vehicle with a loan opportunity of 250 thousand TL with a 12-month maturity and 0 percent interest. In addition, customers who own a new Chery model are given their first fuel as a gift.

Chery Offers Special Discounts to Public Employees and SMEs

Chery offers special discounts to public employees and SMEs in November. In this context, a discount advantage of up to 5 thousand TL is provided on OMODA 7, TIGGO 8 PRO and TIGGO 65 PRO models. In addition to the discount opportunities it offers to its customers, Chery also offers a 5-year or 150 thousand kilometer warranty. Thus, Chery owners can be sure of both the quality of their vehicles and Chery Turkey's superior service skills.

Chery is waiting for those who want to own a new Chery model to its showrooms with the credit and discount opportunities it offers to its customers in November. Chery draws attention in the Turkish market with its SUV models that offer high performance, comfort and technology. Chery constantly develops innovative and quality products to meet the expectations of its customers.