Chery broke a new monthly sales record! Here are the details…

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Chery Group Broke a Sales Record of 200 Thousand Units in October!

Chinese automotive giant Chery Group continues to increase its sales performance in 2023. The group reached a new monthly sales record by selling 50,8 thousand 200 vehicles in October, with a growth of 313 percent.

Chery Group has been increasing its sales for 4 months

Chery Group made a rapid start to 2023 and has continuously increased its sales over the last 4 months. The group reached sales figures of 150 thousand, 170 thousand and 190 thousand units in August, September and October, respectively. In October, it broke the 200 thousand units threshold and broke a new record. The group sold 10 million 41,6 thousand 1 vehicles, recording an annual growth of 453 percent in the first 550 months of the year. This figure accounts for 10 percent of Chinese passenger car retail sales.

Chery Brand Exceeded Million Units

Apart from Chery Group's general sales, sales of different passenger car brands also grew by more than 50 percent. The pioneer of this growth was the Chery brand. Chery brand sold 50,3 thousand 140 vehicles in October, an annual increase of 360 percent. In the January-October period, sales increased by 35,8 percent annually to 1 million 49 thousand 734 units. This means that the Chery brand exceeds million units for the first time. The star models of the Chery brand are TIGGO 8 and TIGGO 7. These models guided the group's sales growth with monthly sales of 22 thousand 987 and 26 thousand 224 units, respectively.