Chery continues its R&D investments!

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Chery's Powertrain Technology: The Heart of China, the World's Choice

With its 26 years of technical know-how, Chery is considered China's most powerful brand in powertrain technology. Chery has applied for and received over 26.000 patents in the fields of engine and transmission. Chery's engines have won the "Best Engine" award called "Heart of China" 9 times. Chery's transmissions won awards such as "China Automotive Industry Science and Technology First Prize" and "World's Top 10 Transmissions".

Chery's Engine Technology: Efficient, Powerful and Environmentally Friendly

Chery went through 5 technological renewal cycles in engine technology and developed the fifth generation ACTECO 1.5TGDI engine in its current form. This engine achieved the efficient hybrid engine and achieved the best performance value in the industry with effective thermal efficiency exceeding 44,5 percent. This engine provides both fuel economy and strong performance. In addition, this engine meets emission standards and stands out as an environmentally friendly engine.

Chery's Transmission Technology: Smart, Fast and Comfortable

Chery also has a complete product line in transmission technology. Chery has developed different types of transmissions such as CVT, DCT, AT, MT and AMT. Chery's CVT transmission offers an intelligent control system, fast response time and comfortable driving experience. Chery's DCT transmission provides high efficiency, low fuel consumption and high torque. Chery's transmission technology provides competitiveness in both domestic and international markets.

Chery's Powertrain Production and Export Capacity: Global Success

Chery has four different production bases that adopt world-class technology and processes in the powertrain production line. Powertrain production capacity reached 3 million units. Chery has exported its powertrain products to over 15 countries, including the United States, Japan, Russia and Germany. The cumulative export figure exceeded 3,5 million units. Chery's powertrain products have won the trust of global users.